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Daniel R. Colasanti, Sr.

I am a retired Engineering Project Manager having worked at GE-Martin Marietta-Lockheed Martin (GE-MM-LMC) for 42 years and on Civilian Air Traffic programs at the Sensis Corporation for 6 years.  With a BSEE and a MSEE from Syracuse University, I am also a graduate of GE’s 3 ½ year Advanced Course in Engineering (ACE) program.  My technical experience addressed many sonar and radar programs at GE-MM-LMC as well as civilian air traffic programs at Sensis.

My Free Offerings To You

 I decided to place all of my Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) seminars, my two books titled Genealogy Knowledge and Short Term Fundraising, a Nostalgia file on Syracuse's northside, and my Disney files (Walt Disney World and Disney Vacation Club (DVC)) online for your free downloading.  My mission statement below states my reasons for doing so. The files are for you, as well as for your family and friends, to use in the privacy of your/their home. Computer security is provided by Go Daddy and my files are secured by Norton.

My Mission

My  reason for establishing this website,was to share some of my knowledge with others that would:


  • substantially improve and broaden their technical knowledge in just a few hours of time.
  • substantially improve your plans for a Walt Disney World visit, 
  • provide you with an overview of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) by a long-time DVC owner (i.e., our family since 1997),
  • shed some light on historical events and government laws, regarding immigration and U.S. citizenship, that you might not have been aware of before,
  • make you aware of an entirely free genealogy website that will improve your Ellis Island, Ancestry, and FamilySearch  database searches,
  • make you aware that at least one country in the world (Italy) is placing all of its archival historical records online for free genealogy purposes,
  • help technically-minded students of underpriviledged families to acquire a sufficient technical background for college.
  • et al.

Note: If you have other family members, or friends, that you feel might be interested in any of my files would you please tell them of my website since I do not participate in any social websites.

Free Course and Book Offerings


Genealogy Knowledge

Genealogy Knowledge was designed for persons desiring to learn more about their ancestors but lacked the basic information on how to go about it online quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. This book is also for those who have tried without success in finding their relative's data, or have found some success but are now unsure of what to do next, and for those who had some success but would like to find more data.This book also provides information that will make your searches much more successful and easier. Finally, if you have ancestors from Podargoni, Italy or Schindilifa, Italy you will want to download my Rev E file.  You will be able to quickly build your family tree from it.


Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

My STEM seminars were designed for high school students planning to pursue a  technical degree program in college, colllege students already in a technical degree program, new college hires by technical firms, and adults just wishing to attain a better level of understanding of technical subjects that had previously not been a part of their life's experiences. My STEM introductory presentation addresses the benefits to be derived from reviewing my seminars. It also explains why an improvement in STEM career growth is very important to America, if it is to remain a technology leader in the World.


Short Term Fundraising

Short Term Fundraising is a how-to book that offers fundraising ideas and projects for various social organizations.  It addresses short-term (1-6 month) activities with expected profits ranging from $100 to $50,000.

My Disney Advice and Opinions


How to Make the Most of Your Visit

My Walt Disney World presentation provides valuable information and tips on Walt Disney World trip planning, Walt Disney World property, must‑see attractions and shows, and how to minimize your overall vacation costs.

Please Note

While my wife and I have been to Disney theme parks many times and are  Disney Vacation Club (DVC) owners since 1997, we have no affiliations with anything Disney, or any other organization.

My Take on Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World "happiness" includes: experiencing little to no stress, sunny skies, great temperatures, beautiful and clean theme parks, many wonderful things to do and see, not having to drive a car, visiting with relatives, courteous cast members, happy faces on children and adults, great eating places, great transportation, beautiful lakes and ponds, manicured grounds and waterways, etc. A place, for a limited time, to put all of yours and the world's problems out of your mind!


What is DVC?

My Disney Vacation Club (DVC) presentation provides ownership information that should be taken into account by persons considering buying a DVC timeshare interest. It also provides information on how to stay at a DVC resort at a cost less than if you were just registering at the resort.

My Free Files For Download

Click on a file to download.

Genealogy Knowledge - July 30, 2018 (pdf)


Short Term Fundraising (doc)


STEM - Introduction (pdf)


Submarines (pdf)


Sonar (pdf)


Radar (pdf)


GPS (pdf)


TV (pdf)


Computer (0-3) (pdf)


Computer (4-6) (pdf)


Smartphones & Cloud (pdf)


Civilian ATC (Part 1 of 2) (pdf)


Civilian ATC (Part 2 of 2) (pdf)


Engrg Math & Techniques (pdf)


Walt Disney World (WDW) & Disney Vacation Club (DVC) (pdf)



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